1. Purple Pussy

The leader of the gang! This is one angry lesbian feminist you don't want to mess with. She'll tear you up! She likes to think of herself as a role model to young girls everywhere. She loves Betty Bunny.

2. Betty Bunny

Betty is the cutest one of the whole group. She used to date boys, but she'd always end up stabbing them whenever she got close. She now dates Purple and hasn't murdered anyone since. Betty and Purple aren't ready to settle down yet though.

3. Roofie Raccoon

The normal one. She's creative, talented, and very misunderstood. She's a little overweight and has a terrible gas problem. She wants a decent boyfriend that has her interests, but can only find lame geeks and nerds with very little to offer. She is depressed most of the time, unless she is playing Clash At Demonhead, her favorite classic NES game.

4. Foxy Fox

Foxy is a disgusting slut. She has sex with everthing... If she can't have sex with it the normal way she will find a way to fuck it. This makes Purple angry. Foxy is a carrier of 72 mutated STDS, and counting. She exists as a perfect foil to Purple.

5. Shelly Squirrel

She gets her way. She doesn't care what anyone thinks, and she doesn't care who she hurts. She is her own person and will do what she wants when she wants. She's a lot angrier than Purple and is a lot more destructive.

6. Poopy Puppy

Poopy is the daughter of billionaire business tycoon Parker Penrose Puppy. Poopy has money to burn and she can get whatever she wants. Despite all her money though, she has a hard time making friends... probably because she eats poop. Besides poop, she likes painting, building computers, and reading Hunter S. Thompson.

7. Cyan Sid

Sid is the ex-boyfriend of Purple Pussy. Despite being broke up he tries to get back with her or at least rape her. He doesn't get very far and is beat to death over and over.